The Whiz Leader 9ft – 12lbs

1.290 kr.

Á lager




The new Whiz leaders are designed to replace conventional nylon leaders. The Whiz leader provides two very distinct advantages over nylon. First, it produces a straight cast as the leader is free of twists or curl, and secondly a soft presentation great for both topwater and subsurface applications. The leader was first used as a core material for the Monic Henley series of clear floating and intermediate fly lines making them very supple and void of any memory. So with such great results as the core material for the Henley clear lines, we decided to implement it as a leader material as well and the results have been amazing. The polymers used to make Whiz leaders are extremely supple, crystal clear, and slick to the touch. We provide a variety of breaking strengths from 7lb, 12lb, and 20lb test with a variety of leader lengths, 7ft, 9ft and12ft. Giving the angler the opportunity to use The Whiz leader for any application for any species whether it be trout, steelhead, Atlantic salmon, bonefish, tarpon, permit, and many more! Give us a call at the shop if you wish to purchase lengths or breaking strengths that are not listed here.